Saturday, March 27, 2010

Quilt Camp 2010, Part One

For the third spring in a row I've had the exciting and challenging experience of attending the Quilting Adventures workshop at T Bar M in New Braunfels.  QA brings in renowned and accomplished quilting teachers from all over the country to teach for four and a half days of intense instruction and work.  My Stone Arch Bell Gate quilt, which adorns this blog, was the first art quilt I made, and it was constructed at QA.  Last year's quilt still languishes unfinished in a drawer.  This year's is farther along but still unfinished.  I don't want to show it here in its unfinished stage, but I will show the design, in a blog post coming soon.  Here is my good friend Carolyn Henson, who went with me, shown here in yellow hard at work on her machine.  Behind her you can see the two high tables where Carolyn and I did most of our designing, marking, cutting, and gluing--truly saving our backs!  Then our excellent and charming teacher, Carla Gulati,  in the middle photo, on the left with a dear new friend, Peggy Sparks, from Colorado.  Too, I put in one picture showing the beautiful setting in the New Braunfels area, the T Bar M tennis resort and camp, where the trees are turning green, as is the grass, whereas our grass in Waco 100+ miles North is still brown!  Stay tuned for more pictures in another post!