Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Table Runner for Claire

Claire is one of my great-nieces, one of the granddaughters of sister Kathy.  She, her sister Martha, and her cousin Hannah, are called by me by "Camp Alice girls."  When they were very small, and before I had grandchildren of my own, for two or three summers the girls came to stay with us at what we called Camp Alice.  We always did a craft, visited sights around Baylor and Waco, went swimming, played games, and they loved most of all to dress up in my daughters' old prom dresses.

For the other two girls I made quilts for them when they graduated from high school.  But some how, Claire never got a quilt from me!  So I decided to make a table runner for her for a wedding gift.

I chose warm colors and a few "SouthWestern" style fabrics.  I have a wonderful book with many table runners to chose from, but this was the one that I thought showcased many fabrics the best.

I contracted with friend Judy Steward to quilt it for me, and she chose to quilt two long feathers down the length of the runner.  She used variegated thread for the quilting, and it really shows up nicely against the fabrics.  I had found a marvelous fabric for the backing that looks as if I had sewn together many, many tiny squares of fabrics to match those on the front, but not so--this fabric was just serendipitously printed this way.

Here are a few close-ups of the quilt that show off Judy's gorgeous quilting.  By the way, I've only partially hand sewn the binding to the back, and that's why the quilt is hanging rather irregularly!  Below is a portion of the back.  And then those close-ups.