Tuesday, May 10, 2011

California Doings

At last my camera is home!  I had left it in California, but now that it is at home, I can post my California doings.  It was an Easter trip for us, so that's where I'll start.  The grandchildren and I have a tradition of making a bunny face cake, and so once again we did.  Here is Lia, iPod ear-bug  in her ear, but happily showing the cake she, Locke, and I decorated:

Then, the usual egg-dyeing the night before, church on Easter, and then the Easter egg hunt.

This shows the pattern.
As for the rest of the visit, we tried to work in some crafts, but school, homework, after-school activities, etc. interfered.  Locke and I did do some simple needle-pointing, with his making a Lakers' colors coaster for his Dad (to give him on Father's Day), and I making him and Lia each a coaster.

Here's Locke stitching on his dad's coaster.

As for the rest of the visit, it was dominated by our attending three of Locke's Little League games.
One of my favorite pictures from this trip:  Locke about to catch
a ball that you see heading right toward him!
Here are some pictures, a few from each game.  The first game his team won; the second, they tied; and the fourth, another win:

Here's Locke getting one of several good, solid hits.

Locke has just scored a run!

Ready as an outfielder to catch a ball coming his way.

As for Lia, just as we were leaving for the baseball game, she and her mom were getting packed to go on a Girl Scout campout!

I remember that at about the same age, her
mom used to love to wear bandanas around her head!
Fellow blogger Linda wanted me to add a picture of one of the coaster I made, and so here goes.  I made this one for Locke; Lia's will have to wait until it is finished!

This is on the bookshelf which doubles as a bedside table for Locke.
You can see a little corner of his quilt, made by me, to the left!