Friday, June 22, 2012

Back to California!

A busy, busy two week visit in California has begun!  School is out today, and then granddaughter Lia goes to a weeklong camp on Sunday.  Granddaddy and I have been running lots of errands for the family, so our days are lively and full.  I blogged nearly a year ago about Lia and Locke's FIRST day of school, and here it is, the last day!

A few pictures of our doings:

Lia at right with two friends, in front of their Science Fair project

Lia's good friend Kate (in pink) and Lia, at their tennis lesson
Locke's class is having a pajama party all day at school today.  Here he is showing what he hopes to do at school!

Eyes still closed, sleeping bag and pillow at the ready!  Locke is wearing
the dino slippers we gave him for Xmas!

Lia and several friends "to be different" decided to wear tutus
on this last day of school!  (Check out those gorgeous and huge
hydrangeas behind her!)