Thursday, July 26, 2012

The T-Shirt Quilt Presented!

We had a wonderful two-day birthday celebration for grandson Locke!  Sunday was the party, with flag football, laser tag, 20 little boys + one tolerant sister.  Afterwards two friends went out to dinner with us and then spent the night.

The next day was Locke's "real" birthday.  Sister Lia made him a pound cake from scratch, and after dining al fresco in the back yard (is that spelled right?), we came in for Locke to open all presents--those from the family and from his friends. 

He loved the t-shirt quilt!  (This quilt discussed in the post just before this one.)  His happy reaction exceeded my wildest dreams.  His first response was, "Oh!  I have shirts like all of these!"  Then I explained to him that these WERE his shirts, and I told him about his mommy's setting them aside for me to make a quilt from them.  This was also explained in a letter, which he read aloud.  There was a fun game included, which had him finding such shirts as "two from foreign countries," "one you wore as a one year old," "two brand-new shirts that you've never worn" etc.  I had a "secret pocket" in one that he searched and searched for; this had a $10 bill in it!  The secret pocket was in the Iceland shirt!

Here are some pictures:

Grandmommy and Locke showing the quilt

Locke wrapped in the quilt and a hug!

The green-bordered quilt in his newly-painted green room!