Saturday, December 17, 2011

Book Buddies Christmas Meeting

I went to two back to back Christmas parties with two of my favorite groups--the Book Buddies book club and our Supper Club.

I hosted the book club, and it is this group I'll write about today.  We read the wonderfully refreshing and happy book A YEAR IN PROVENCE, such a good choice for this time of year!  We usually have snacks or desserts, but in honor of the occasion I prepared a light supper.  I made a Barefoot Contessa Provencal Vegetable soup and a Joy of Cooking French tart, Apricot and Almond.

After the meal, we discussed the book, and Thelma did a wonderful job of leading the discussion, bringing in much background information as well as sharing her own experiences of living in a foreign country, in her case, Brazil.

Three of the members presented us with little gifts!  I had old fashioned English "crackers" for the women, which contained paper crowns.  Here are photos from this occasion:

The gifts--the little Peace ornament from Genie, a bag of rosemary from, who else, Rosemary, and a
lovely beaded book mark that Thelma made for each of us.

Here are Monda, Jo, and Sharon, in their paper crowns.

And now Ibby, Judy, Thelma, Genie, and Rosemary

I joined Mona, Jo, and Sharon