Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Valentine Hearts: Little Felt Pins, Bean Bags, and Sachet Holders

Friend and fellow blogger Linda sent me links to two great blogs, both of which had really fun fabric Valentine projects.  I printed off the instructions, and when I went to my Bee yesterday, I took along some handwork to do.  I stitched and stuffed the little felt heart pins, and I cut out some larger hearts from various fabrics.

Last night I worked some more on the heart pins, and today, I've made one heart filled with lavender for a sachet for my granddaughter Lia, and then three heart bean bags for her brother Locke, and for my other two grandsons, Malcolm and Dawson.  Since Lia will get both the sachet AND the little pins, I've also decided to fill one of the "boy fabric" hearts with lavender for Locke.  He loves this scent!  Once I noticed he had some hand lotion by his bed that was so scented, and he told me that he loved it.  So this one will be good for him to put in the drawer where he keeps his pajamas!

As always, click to enlarge the pictures.  I turned over one of the little felt heart pins so that you can see the little saftety pin that I sewed on it so that it can be pinned on to a dress or shirt. 

I decorated Lia's sachet heart with insertion eyelet with a narrow blue ribbon inserted.  For the boys, I ironed on some appliques, some of them purchased and a few felt hearts adhered to them with Steam at Seam.  In making the bean bags I learned that they need to be loosely filled with dried beans, so that I could then reinforce the edges with zig-zag stitching, which also served to close the opening I left to fill with the beans.  Lia's sachet is also rather loosely filled with the dried lavender.  I plan tomorrow to make some fatter, more solidly stuffed hearts to use as pin cushions.  These flat hearts aren't quite as cute as the plump, fully-stuffed ones!  All of these hearts are made with two fabrics, one for the front, the other for the back.  I turned the boys' hearts over in the 2nd photo so that the back fabric can be seen.

The purple with the eyelet trim is Lia's sachet; the three little felt heart pins below are hers
as well.  The green heart with football fabric will be Locke's lavender sachet--it's not yet finished.   The other two are beanbags for the other two grandsons.  

Here the boys' three hearts are turned over so you can see
the fabric on the back.  .