Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Fun

Husband Bob and I went with good friends from Dallas, Carolyn and Jerry, to Fredericksburg and Kerrville over the Memorial Day weekend.  This late in May the temperatures hovered in the high 90s, very hot even for Texas this early in the summer.  We didn't let the heat defeat us, however.  Carolyn and I took in a wonderful quilt show in Kerrville while the men enjoyed the National Museum of the Pacific War back in Fredericksburg.  We women also visited the fabulous Creations quilt fabric store in Kerrville, and we toured their new retreat center, called The Main House, which is a state of the art facility of that type!  We were envious when we learned that Kaffe Fassett will be teaching at The Main House in October, but the class is already full!  (Even if you don't often follow my links, do follow the Fassett one!  There's a wonderful video there.  He is one of my main quilt designer heroes!) After a delicious lunch at The Rails, we drove back to Fredericksburg to pick up our husbands.

On Saturday night we attended the folk music festival in Kerrville, its 40th anniversary.  It was a thrill to hear Judy Collins in person, a singer I have long admired.  We heard other other singers as well, folk singers new to all of us.  It was hot, dusty, and rather primitive at the farm where the music festival is held, but we had fun people watching before the show began at 7:00.  Once the sun went down, and thanks to a stiff breeze, we didn't suffer much from the heat.  Showers felt good once we got back, however!

We stayed at the Fredericksburg Herb Farm in charming cottages modeled after the Sunday Houses of years gone by.  We ate two delicious meals at their restaurant, and we loved sitting out under the vine arbor in the evenings in the porch swings, chatting with our friends.  It was truly a memorable Memorial Day weekend!

Our cottages at the Fredericksburg Herb Farm

Jerry and Carolyn

Bob and Alice