Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Stole for DA!

DA is an affectionate nickname for our woman pastor. She grew up two doors down from us in our old neighborhood. Our youngest daughter and she have been good friends throughout the years.   Her parents remained dear friends of ours, too, and when we all had to leave the old street, her mom and I and another good friend looked for houses close to one another.  Eventually two of us built new houses and the other bought a just-completed house on our block.

DA has now been pastor of our church for ten years.  I have made her an anniversary gift, which will be presented at the surprise party for her tomorrow.  She needed a white stole; she'd been relying on a borrowed white one all these years.  I fashioned if from little 6" crazy quilt blocks, using white-on-white quilting fabric.  At the bottom, I appliqued a descending dove.  Doves are a symbol closely associated with our church.

Here is the completed stole:

And now, some close-up views of it: