Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010--Michigan--Part Two

 Both of our daughters and their families started a new Christmas tradition a few years ago.  One of Santa's elves hides in a different place every night, and the next morning the children race around, looking for him.
On the evening before December 1st, I read Dawson and Malcolm the book that cleverly explains this tradition.  Another habit of ours is for the grandparents to give the grandchildren their presents early, on the alternate years when we spend Thanksgiving with them.  One present that we gave the boys, which they particularly loved, were snow globe night lights.  Below are some pictures of the boys with their new night lights.  Also, below the night light pictures are my promised pictures of Ace and Twist, as well as a photo of Scott with his broken leg!  Too, one picture of Malcolm after the first soccer game we attended, the one his team won so handedly that we quit keeping score!

Malcolm with his Xmas tree night light

Dawson with the snow man
night light

The very sweet, very elderly
border collie Twist--Rob's beloved

A victorious Malcolm after his
soccer game

Scott, his broken leg, and the usually
very rambunctios, very lovable Ace, a
Labradoodle, who will be 2 years old in March, on
Dawson's 7th birthday.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010--Michigan--Part One

The skies in Michigan in the winter are often gray and overcast.  But the Monday after Thanksgiving we awoke to clear skies and a beautiful sunrise.  I am a sucker for taking sunrise and sunset pictures, as my
followers can no doubt surmise, given the picture I've chosen to headline this blog!

But now on to Thanksgiving.  We had a delicious meal and a lovely day.  Our son Rob from St. Louis, and his dog Twist, joined our daughter Susan, son-in-law Scott, and grandsons Malcolm and Dawson for the holiday.   Below are a few pictures from Thanksgiving Day.  Soon I'll post another blog with more
doings from my week in Michigan, that will include pictures of the other two important members of the family present on this occasion:  Rob's border collie Twist and the Gaynor/Baird's young Labradoodle Ace!  If I can get it from Susan, I'll also include a picture of the photographer, absent in the photos below--me!

Granddaddy carves the turkey, supervised
by Susan.

Malcolm, Dawson, Susan, Scott
Uncle Rob at the end of the table,
Malcolm, Dawson, Susan, Scott, and Granddaddy.
You can clearly see our delicious menu:
turkey, two kinds of dressing, green beans, mashed
potatoes, and rolls!  All very yummy.  When we went
around the table, from youngest to oldest, saying
what we were thankful for, both of the Gaynor boys
said "our family."  Son Rob said, "My mom's dressing!"

Dawson (6)
and Malcolm (9), admiring the pumpkin,
pecan, and buttermilk pies!  Susan
made the pecan and buttermilk
pies "from scratch."