Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Book Buddies in JANUARY!

Sharon's lovely living room

Last week our book club met at Sharon's house.  Before we sat down to eat a fantastic dessert (more about that later!), I happened to notice how lovely all of our purses and books looked, patiently waiting for us to join them!  In truth, several of us rearranged the books to display the fronts, but otherwise, this is how the living room looked right after all had arrived.  Sharon and Joe's house is so lovingly and serenely decorated.  Just being in their living room makes one feel at peace.

But the dessert!  It was beyond delicious, and so beautiful to look at.  I wish that I'd taken a photo of it, before Sharon and Judy served it to us.  It was a White Chocolate Bread Pudding.  If you want a copy of it, email me, and I'll send it to you!  When you see its ingredients, you will understand why it was so scrumptious.

Our discussion just might have been the best one ever!  We had read BODY SURFING by Anita Shreve.  For one thing, it did seem as if all had read ALL the book.  For another, most found the book easier to read than some we've chosen.  And, too, it was a provocative and "meaty" book for discussion.  Some of us (Judy, Genie, and Alice) have ready many Anita Shreve books.  I find them addictive!  I think more of our group will read more of her books after this experience. 

Here we all are, gathered around the dining table.  I'll post both pictures, as some of us look better in one, some in another!

Clockwise, from the left:  Faith, Alice, Rosemary, Genie, Sharon (standing), Jo, Ibby (standing),
Thelma, Mona, Judy.
Note the "sand castle" centerpiece!  So appropriate, given the
beach setting of our book, Anita Shreve's BODY SURFING

 Below, you see us as we discuss.  I seem to be making a point--find me in purple, and everyone is listening attentively.  To the far left is Genie, who did a wonderful job of leading discussion.  To my right is Jo, and to my left, Faith and Mona.  The heads you see belong to, I think (!)  Sharon, our hostess, and Thelma.