Friday, April 23, 2010

Rob's Quilts

I've just made a list, and I now know how many quilts I have made.  I had recently told one friend "Maybe a hundred?"  But I was far off!  Half that--I've made a total of 53 quilts.  I've written about the wedding quilts for daughters and the crib and bed sized quilts for the grandchildren.  Perhaps now it's time to discuss and those I've made for our son Rob.  Both have the same design.  A block has four squares which have different light colored triangles in their corners.  When the four squares are put together to form a block, the triangles form an on-point square at the block's center.  I first made him a quilt like this in many shades and values of blue and beige/tan/cream.  Then I used the same design for a quilt that was shades of red, with the same contrasting colors.  First is the blue quilt and then two close-ups of it.  I particularly like the border treatment, which alternated strips of various ones of the blue fabrics with "flying geese" placed at random. The next Christmas, I gave him a partner for his blue quilt, the red one.   Here is this red quilt, a close-up of the quilt in process, laid out on my design wall in the old house, and a close-up of one of the blocks. Rob's been remodeling his house for quite a few years now, so it might be a long time before I see these quilts in place on those beds!  I made them for two antique twin beds, beds he inherited from his grandmother, my mother, which will someday be used in a guest room.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jubilation at the Compass Centre

I have just returned from a nearby quilt retreat center called The Compass Centre, where the Texas Blue Bonnets and Indian Paint Brushes are in full bloom.  Dear friend and quilting buddy Carolyn and I went there to complete the scroll quilts we began in Cara Gulati's class at Quilting Adventures last month.  Both of us arrived with our the scrolls sewn together, ready for the edges to be turned, glued down, and pinned closely along all edges.  Then we appliqued them to the background, a very dark blue for mine and a stone colored, stone-look fabric for Carolyn's.  We worked all day Wednesday on these tasks, and by 4:00 or so, we were done!  I felt jubilant, and I promptly named my quilt Jubilation!  I think the title fits, as it is such a bright and happy quilt.  Once it is quilted, it will hang on a high wall in the living room of our new house.  Below is first my quilt Jubilation and then Carolyn's, which she will probably call Serendipity.