Monday, February 13, 2012

Busy Bees at the China Dolls Bee!

My quilting bee met over at my house today.  We gathered around 10:00, and the last one left around 4:00. All except the hostess got so much sewing/quilting done!  Several made tea cozies that turned out beautifully. Still others had different projects they wanted to spend time on.  I spent most of the morning cooking, and then while the others worked after lunch, I relaxed and visited.

Lynne's birthday is tomorrow, Valentine's Day, and I made her a fabric birthday card, which all signed, using pictures taken at previous bees.  The Cherry Pudding Cake was her "birthday cake", complete with a candle in the form of a question mark!        

All seemed to enjoy the two soups, and most sampled both--chicken noodle and Three Tomatoes, with smoky salmon spread and crackers.  When they first arrived, I had a fresh cranberry/orange/walnut bread with either butter or whipped cream cheese.  For dessert after the soups, I made Cherry Pudding Cake, which all seemed to enjoy.  I've linked three of these recipes--they are truly winners!

Now here are some pictures of the China Dolls at work:

Lynne with the birthday "cake" and her fabric card

Carol hand quilting

Priscella helping Dodie find something on her laptop, in my studio.
Notice that the Three Boys quilt is now hanging on the wall!

Sandy working on a black quilted jacket

Rita sewed the binding on this old quilt, which she had restored for an
in-law of her daughter.  A charming quilt!  Bow-tie pattern, with
a great variety of very old fabrics.

Priscella showing the tea cozy she finished today!  

Hilary showing off HER tea cozy!

Here's the lovely quilt which Carol was working on.  Hand-pieced, hand-appliqued, and hand quilted.  WOW!