Monday, April 12, 2010

My Ribbon Winners, Part One

Now that my design wall is up and running, I have a place to put the various ribbons I've won since 2002.  My grandchildren, on seeing these ribbons in a drawer, asked me last time all were here:  "Grandmommy! Why don't you put these ribbons up somewhere, where people can see them?"  So now they'll be happy!  And I confess, I am probably inordinately proud of them.  So now I'll show a few of the quilts themselves that won the ribbons and talk about them a little.  BUT I'll be restrained and save some for another posting!

The first ribbon I ever won, a red second place in 2002, was for this quilt, which I believe I called Blueberry Bear Claws.  This was a wedding gift for Sally, daughter of dear friend and daily emailer Sherrron.  Sherron had told me that Sally loved the color purple, and we purchased the blueberry fabric when Sherron and Charles and Bob and I were on a cruise to Alaska.  The block pattern known as Bear Claw seemed appropriate for a young couple who lived in Colorado.  Sherron took this photo for me of the quilt hanging above Sally's youngest child's crib.

My second two ribbons were won in the next Waco Quilt Show, in 2004.  I wasn't present to see these quilts at the show with their ribbons, but dear friend Erin took these pictures for me and collected the quilts at the end of the show.  The first one is called Scrappy Stars, and it now hangs above our bed in our new house.  I took a class from my good friend Patty (she and her little grandbaby were recently featured in this blog) and learned how to make this quilt.  I used scraps and no star repeats a fabric in its construction, and no star is like another. 

The third red ribbon winner (I seem to be stuck winning either reds or whites!) was a crib quilt I made for my great-nephew Wyatt.  I named this quilt Krazy Kats Klowning Around.  The crazy cats ARE clowns, and the blocks that surround the cat-featured ones are crazy quilt blocks.  Yes, I know, the name is rather corny!
Here is a close-up of the blocks in this quilt, which is one of my all-time favorites quilts!  Stay tuned in a future posting for pictures and discussion of my other three ribboned quilts.


  1. Glad to see you so organized!...and those ribbons to have a place. Must thrill the grandchildren. This gave me an idea for display. I am breathless over the purple bear claw quilt, Alaska inspired somewhat.

  2. I love the blueberry bear claw quilt colors. The clowns are my favorite.