Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Sports-filled Week in Michigan!

We planned our trip to Michigan to coincide with what we hoped were two of Malcolm's baseball games, some practices of Dawson, and two soccer games.  One practice worked out for us to see, and it was fun to see Dawson batting, running, catching, etc.  One of Malcolm's Little League games was rained out, but the next one made up for it!  They won the game handedly, and Malcolm contributed with hits, runs, and by pitching two innings.  In the first picture above Malcolm has just hit the ball and is about to take off for 1st base.  What I particularly love about this picture--please click to enlarge it!--is Dawson standing at the front of the dugout in the background, in navy, watching from a position of privilege as son of the coach and brother of one of the Scorpions. 
After getting to 1st, stealing the next two bases, Malcolm then ran in for his first score.   Clicking on this 2nd photo, you'll be able to see his happy face! 

Particularly fun, too, was seeing Malcolm pitch.Malcolm was (to admittedly very prejudiced grandparents' eyes) the best pitcher on either team.  Watching him take the wind-up is especially fun.

Even more fun--and I didn't capture this in a picture--is that Malcolm imitates the pros he sees on TV.  Before pitching, he leans forward and looks hard at the catcher, as if waiting for his signal.  Then he nods sagely and begins his wind-up.  He was the only boy to enact this savvy charade, and it cracked up grandparents and mother watching from the sideline!  I can't resist one more picture, simply because though I am hardly a professional sports photographer, I really like the composition of this photo, with Malcolm sliding in to home and the umpire signalling "Safe"!


  1. Great commentary, Alice, about what was going on. Very enlightening and really made the pictures meaningful. Yes, Malcolm DOES look happy! Great pictures for an amateur sports photographer.

  2. Superb photos. Am interested in the helmet. I know from serious experience that it is important! How adorable is Malcolm's studying of the pros and imitating in posture and skill :*)

  3. Helmets are required equipment in Little League! So many rules, too, about little guys not pitching more than 2 innings, sitting out at least one inning, playing a variety of positions, etc. etc. I think the coaches must let each boy pitch, at some point in the season, if he wants to, for example. The least favorite position is catcher, understandably--a rather scary position, with many wild pitches and that swinging bat so close!

  4. Alice, I am turning you in to SPORTS ILLUSTRATED magazine. This was fun sports commentary and super pictures too --- glad you were there and got to see all this.

  5. These are good pics, Alice. Elizabeth has become a baseball addict since Dawson is also so successful.

    We had a good time at Alice H.'s b-day party. Eliz. brought Turner and B and L were there with their crew. David showed up as well. He had gone to Midlothian to Molly Koons graduation.

    We are back and I am back laboring on SACS.