Sunday, June 13, 2010

Arkansas Reunions/A Journal Quilt

Last weekend Bob and I flew to Arkansas for his 55th high school reunion. For part of the weekend, however, I journeyed on to Ft. Smith to visit dear friends Sherron and Charles.  I decided to construct a crazy quilt journal this time, and practice some of the techniques I learned in a recent class.  Crazy quilts aren't traditionally quilted, but of course decorative stitching plays an important role.  The colors of the quilt were chosen deliberately:  Central High's school colors are "old gold" and black; the green fabric is for Sherron's favorite color.  The black center portion is Route 66 fabric; this symbolizes all the far-flung places from which the graduates of the class of 1955 came.  In the lower right corner are a lion and a tiger.  The tiger is for the LRCHS's mascot.  The lion in honor of friend Sherron, who was part of a committee to select a sculpture for the University of Arkansas, Ft. Smith (where she formerly taught English).  Their mascot is the lion, and Sherron and her committee worked long and hard and selected an excellent sculptor to depict a ferocious lion.  The freehand "55" is self-explanatory!

Finally is the applique of the happy little girl flying a kite, with the words "I 'heart' today."  This symbolizes my friend Sherron, who indeed loves every day!  She is the most optimistic, upbeat person I know.  This has always characterized Sherron, ever since we met as college freshmen. Spending time with her is always a joy, and I always come away feeling as uplifted as that kite!

Below, some pictures from my Ft. Smith visit and some close-ups of the journal quilt.  Sherron and I together, eating a delicious lunch at Hardscrabble Country Club; the lion sculpture; and then Sherron and Charles with their Crazy Quilt pillow, which project has been the subject of one of these posts.


  1. Good for you, getting out another journal quilt! In no time it will be one a week! I like most the tribute to Sharon and her upbeat personality, flying above the crazy quilt. I love anything Rt 66 since it ran through Amarillo, and you enumerated all of the important pieces of the trip. Would have enjoyed being at that lunch!

  2. I love your crazy quilt. It is funny and varied. Has lots of human interest. Sherron's little kite flying character is wonderful. Great photographs too!

  3. Alice, this particular blog is a TREASURE for me. It was so great having you here to talk with and to get to enjoy you on so many levels. What a treat to think about this time together - as well as our LONG friendship - every time I look at our adorable crazy quilted pillow. Come back soon.