Friday, April 1, 2011

Redwork Romance

One other just-finished quilt that I'll enter in the Waco Quilt Show is my redwork one.  I've named it Redwork Romance.  I have worked on the redwork embroideries for, literally, years.  I would guess about six or seven!  For long stretches of time, I would do nothing on this project, and then I'd take the embroidery to work on when I was out of town.  When my Bee began last fall, I started taking this embroidery to do, since I really disliked having to pack up and haul my sewing machine anywhere.  After I had finally done all 12 of the embroideries, then I assembled them into a quilt.  This was the first and only kit I've ever purchased.  The Alex Anderson pattern and fabrics turned into a wonderful quilt! 

As usual, I got my machine-quilting wizard friend, Judy Steward, to quilt it for me.  She did her typical outstanding job!  I especially love the way she quilted closely within the embroidered squares, which highlighted the bouquets of flowers and made them look almost like trupunto.   She also did a beautiful quilting job in the borders.

And now, some pictures.  As usual, clicking on the photos will enlarge them.

One of the flowers.  You can see the close stippling
quilting that Judy did, and hopefully, you can see how
the flower looks very like I had used trupunto.

Judy echo quilted around each bouquet and then, as mentioned above,
stippled closely in the background.

This close-up shows several of the flower bouquets and
then the adjacent four patch blocks, each of which
used a different Alex Anderson fabric.

One of the most charming aspects of this design is the scalloped edge on
the borders!

Here's the quilt in its entirety.


  1. This is such a beautiful quilt. I am staggered by your perfect embroidery and Judy's fabulous machine quilting. What a spectacular job by both of you. I can't wait for you to haul out all those other unfinished projects to thrill us some more. That will be beautiful hanging in your home. I would not let anyone buy it off you.

  2. I will buy it. I love the red! Red has always been my favorite color. How did you do the scalloped edge?

  3. I'm not willing to sell it, but I'd love to know who "anonymous" is! The pattern explained how to do the scalloped edge: You trace the scallops using a dinner plate, after dividing the top & bottom into 7 equal sections and the two side borders into 8. Actually Judy had the "fun" of doing this & of sewing the bias binding on the top. I then sewed down the binding on the back. this was pretty tedious, and achieving a smooth edge without any pleats or folds proved to be impossible. But hopefully the minute little "wrinkles" don't detract from the overall effect.

  4. Linda said EVERYTHING I think and feel about this beautiful quilt. It is a MASTERPIECE - just the LOVELIEST !

  5. I love it, too. I am blown away by the amount of work that went into it. Of course, I love red and I love flowers. And I want to buy it too, but even if you wanted to sell it, I couldn't afford it. So I must be happy enjoying it from a far. Congratulations, Alice!

  6. Beautiful, Alice! Gorgeous work and the red combinations and scalloped edge are so appealing. You've done it again!

  7. I need this pattern. I have lamb redwork done and now find out the nursery is gray with red! I went to Alex Anderson's page and I can not find it.