Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The UFO I Got Back!

In my last post, I wrote about the UFO (unfinished object) that I assembled for our Halloween Trick or Treat, Brown Bag Challenge for our quilt guild.  Last night was the Big Reveal!  Good friend Patty, my co-chair of programs for guild, was in charge of MCing the Reveal.  She was standing right beside me, and imagine my total surprise when I saw that SHE had MY brown, Halloween-decorated, bag!

As soon as she held up the quilt that she had finished, there were many oohs and ahhs from the assembled group.  I then asked the group, "Who is this girl in the center panel?"  There was a pause, and then several called out, "Alice in Wonderland!"  And so then I said, "That's right, and this quilt is mine!"

As you can see the results are spectacular!  Patty did so much more with this little panel than I had planned, and her vision for it was world's better than mine.  Too, after seeing all the finished UFOs, I felt somewhat chagrined.  The UFO that I worked on was completed in by far the simplest fashion.  It ended up with its owner--another dear friend, fellow China Doll Bee buddy, fellow Material Maven, and former Dear Jane teacher--Rita!

The challenge was so much fun--my first ever in Guild.  I look forward to the next brown bag project!

Here's a close-up of the panel, which also shows
off the little triangle squares that Patty bordered
my quilt with, as well as the squares in a square
blocks that she made and attached.  When Patty got the quilt
I had added only the green and blue borders.
I included fabrics--including the stripes used in the triangle squares and
the multi-colored one for the on-point blocks.  I love
the way these look as if they are pieced with many
tiny little squares!


  1. A super surprise and a treat for the eyes. Fortunate you!!

  2. What fun! I've never done anything like a brown bag quilt exchange, but after seeing this, I really like the idea!

  3. It was totally fun! I am eager to do another. One of the Bees that reported yesterday evidently does this within their Bee often. I'm not quite sure how it worked, but it resulted in quilts made up of blocks made by each Bee member from the same pattern, using the same fabrics. Then each one somehow ended up with a set of blocks to then assemble into a complete quilt, but the blocks they ended up with was somehow randomly chosen or chosen in a draw or something. The woman reporting on this showed the quilt she got, and then showed the quilt that she WISHED she'd gotten, though she said that the one she ended up with had become one of her favorite quilts!

  4. Alice, the "head work" that goes into making these challenge quilts - and other quilts, too - is remarkable. I think I enjoy realizing that part almost as much as I do actually seeing the results. ss

  5. This IS a cute quilt. The block prints are great. Does this quilt have a red and white checked border around the block border? I agree that the thinking that goes into each quilt is inspiring.