Saturday, December 17, 2011

Book Buddies Christmas Meeting

I went to two back to back Christmas parties with two of my favorite groups--the Book Buddies book club and our Supper Club.

I hosted the book club, and it is this group I'll write about today.  We read the wonderfully refreshing and happy book A YEAR IN PROVENCE, such a good choice for this time of year!  We usually have snacks or desserts, but in honor of the occasion I prepared a light supper.  I made a Barefoot Contessa Provencal Vegetable soup and a Joy of Cooking French tart, Apricot and Almond.

After the meal, we discussed the book, and Thelma did a wonderful job of leading the discussion, bringing in much background information as well as sharing her own experiences of living in a foreign country, in her case, Brazil.

Three of the members presented us with little gifts!  I had old fashioned English "crackers" for the women, which contained paper crowns.  Here are photos from this occasion:

The gifts--the little Peace ornament from Genie, a bag of rosemary from, who else, Rosemary, and a
lovely beaded book mark that Thelma made for each of us.

Here are Monda, Jo, and Sharon, in their paper crowns.

And now Ibby, Judy, Thelma, Genie, and Rosemary

I joined Mona, Jo, and Sharon


  1. There must be a special place for those who start book clubs! Good for you and your continuing celebrations.

  2. You have great friends, and nothing is better than having them in one's book club. I, too, enjoyed that book, although not as much as Julia Child's book...what was it called? My Life in France?
    The hats are super, and your table is lovely.