Thursday, July 26, 2012

The T-Shirt Quilt Presented!

We had a wonderful two-day birthday celebration for grandson Locke!  Sunday was the party, with flag football, laser tag, 20 little boys + one tolerant sister.  Afterwards two friends went out to dinner with us and then spent the night.

The next day was Locke's "real" birthday.  Sister Lia made him a pound cake from scratch, and after dining al fresco in the back yard (is that spelled right?), we came in for Locke to open all presents--those from the family and from his friends. 

He loved the t-shirt quilt!  (This quilt discussed in the post just before this one.)  His happy reaction exceeded my wildest dreams.  His first response was, "Oh!  I have shirts like all of these!"  Then I explained to him that these WERE his shirts, and I told him about his mommy's setting them aside for me to make a quilt from them.  This was also explained in a letter, which he read aloud.  There was a fun game included, which had him finding such shirts as "two from foreign countries," "one you wore as a one year old," "two brand-new shirts that you've never worn" etc.  I had a "secret pocket" in one that he searched and searched for; this had a $10 bill in it!  The secret pocket was in the Iceland shirt!

Here are some pictures:

Grandmommy and Locke showing the quilt

Locke wrapped in the quilt and a hug!

The green-bordered quilt in his newly-painted green room!


  1. Love seeing the quilt. The green is so perfect for his room and I am delighted his response was beyond your expectation. The star of this blog is you and that cute haircut. Plus you have dropped fifteen years. Brava!

  2. Great are both beaming! How wonderful that Locke loves and appreciates his t-shirt quilt. A treasure made with much love.

  3. Terrific pictures ! I've already admired the quilt in another blog, but seeing you and Locke with such smiles on your faces is wonderful. I love the "game" you played with him, too, and so clever about the $10. ss

  4. What an artist you are. And what a grand grandmother. So glad to see you with your darling grandson. Thanks for sending me the pics.

    Bev Fleming

  5. Lovely quilt and lovely children. Your ideas were so clever! I'm thrilled that Locke was thrilled. One can never count on a boy's reaction - sentiment may not be a strong suit. It's wonderful that Lia and Locke have such a great relationship. I look forward to Lia's quilt.

  6. Hi Alice,
    The quilt fits so perfectly in Locke's room (how did you match it so precisely?) And, I adore the photos of the two of you, especially the one of Locke wrapped up in his quilt. Great job!

  7. Fun. And memories. He'll have double--remembering his shirts and remembering this special birthday.