Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Scrapbooking and Cooking with Dawson!

Almost 6-year-old grandson Dawson took to scrap-booking as well as his brother Malcolm had at
the same age! We transported all the paraphernalia from my sewing/crafting room to the dining room table. His first assignment was to choose a background for the title page, and he selected a green and blue plaid. He also chose blue and cream papers for the letters.
We had borrowed friend and neighbor Genie's Sizzix machine, a die-cutting machine with an assortment of letter styles. As soon as I showed Dawson how to operate it, he was on his way. He kept saying to me, "Grandmommy, this is so much fun!" Beautiful music to a grandmother's ears.
We took a break for Dawson to go visit Genie's two little poodles, and to let her show her latest device for letters, called the Cricut system. It is really fancy and would probably be too difficult for a child to operate. After we returned home, we put together the two-page spread of "Dawson's 1st year." His mom helped us choose pictures for these pages.

After scrapbrooking, Dawson helped me to make some chocolate chip and "chipless" cookies.  This latter variety for his mommy and granddaddy, who inexplicably don't care for chocolate chips!  A fun morning with Dawson!

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  1. I am glad to finally know someone who has those machines...get all the details. I like Malcolm's choices! An artist like his grandmother.