Thursday, March 4, 2010

Crayon Quilts and Pillows

Grandson Dawson got up this morning, eager to try a new craft.  So I told him all about crayon quilts. I have an assortment of puppy and kitty quilt fabrics and a coloring book with simple dog and cat pictures.  My plan had been to save this craft for next summer, when the four grandchildren will all be together.  Each child could trace pictures from a coloring book, or draw their own.  Then they would trace them onto fabric stabilized with freezer paper, using my light box.  Next, they'd color the traced pictures with fabric crayons.  We'll then follow the directions in the link above to set the colors.  Then I would assemble their blocks with some simple blocks using my printed puppy and kitty fabrics.  Of course, I'll use any design suggestions the children come up with! 

Dawson loved the idea!  But he said, "I want to work on the quilt with the other kids.  Why don't I just make a plain picture?"  I suggested a pillow, which idea he loved.  Then we discovered that an essential component of the crayoned blocks was missing:  I had used the last of my freezer paper.  And his mommy had taken off in the car to visit her friend with the new baby! 

So we improvised.  We used a version of the technique, backing the traced-on-fabric coloring book picture with fusible fleece.  We colored the picture together with fabric crayons and then I set the colors as directed in the link above.  [I had bought special Crayola Fabric Crayons.  The directions on the box specified polyester fabric.  I was disappointed in both the paltry assortment of colors and with the resulting image not being very vibrantly colored.  I think I'll try regular crayons and 100% cotton next time, to see which works best.]  We then sewed borders and a backing to the colored tracing.  Dawson helped me to stuff the resulting pillow, and he adores it!  He could hardly wait for his mom to get home to show her our latest creation.  He even took his pillow with us to eat lunch with us at the Burger Barn!  Below he is pretending to sleep on his pillow, to demonstrate how comfy it is!


  1. What fun while Mommy is out to make a new pillow w new materials and have it to present to her on her return!

  2. This looks like such a fun project! Thanks for the link.