Thursday, March 18, 2010

Crazy About Baseball (for Malcolm and Dawson)!

Dear friend and fellow blogger Linda has been wanting me to join her in journal quilting for well over a year now.  Suddenly I am seeing how well this project meshes with blogging, and so here is perhaps my first journal quilt.  I say perhaps since I'm still not sure I am ready to commit to one journal quilt a week, though this one went together quickly.  After spending last week, our Spring Break, with grandsons Malcolm (8) and Dawson (6), I immediately thought about doing a baseball quilt in their honor. Both boys are Baseball Crazy, and so I made this one Crazy Quilt style. I used perle cotton to machine-embroider along the edges of the center section and along each "slice" of the block.  As soon as I saw the two little boys in the dark blue fabric, I fussy cut it to be sure they would be prominent.  And I was delighted to see that not only did the kids-playing fabric at the top right have a baseball player, but also images of crayons, a child's painting, and splotches of paint--all symbolic of both boys' love of "doing art."  Finally, I found a baseball glove scrapbook embellishment and a baseball applique to fuse to the quilt.  I plan to buy some crayon buttons I recall seeing to add one more.  The edges aren't finished because I'm waiting until I decide just how (or even IF) I want to finish them.  Linda likes each of her journal quilts to be stand-alone, but I've not given up on the idea of someday sewing all of mine together into a wall hanging for my craft room.


  1. Thatawaytago, Alice! Of course you can commit. That is a good memory of your week in MI and it can hang alone or together w others. You've inspired me to post again!

  2. Lovely boys' quilt. How is a 'journal quilt' is different from a quilt, period?