Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Blue Dress, Blue Sky

Today I tackled a task I've been putting off for ages--mending a dress for grand-
daughter Lia.  The nanny had hand-washed it as the label dictated, but despite this, the black crocheted trim "ran" all over the blue skirt.  Lia loved this dress, so her mother Kathy asked me if there was any way I could salvage it.  After hunting several times for fabric in town to match the original skirt, I gave up and looked online.  Sure enough, I found a blue light-weight knit that was perfect.  This morning I cut the ruined skirt from the Empire bodice and the gathered ruffle at the bottom.  I used it as a pattern and cut the new skirt, and then I re-attached it at top and bottom.  The result isn't perfect, but is better than the ruined dress!  So here it is on the back patio in front of the pansies that limped along all winter but now, at the beginning of spring, they are flourishing.  Just for good measure, the blooming Bradford Pear tree against a blue, blue Texas sky!


  1. Wonderful!...Love the blues, and hooray for the salvage job. Now to post home to a happy Lia.

  2. I bought 2 'baskets' of pansies at the hardware store after seeing your yellow pansies, but with snow predicted for the weekend they are now sitting in the garage. I have a nursed a planter of pansies through the winter, but Youssef set them out the first fine day and the deer bit them off to the nub that night. Hopefully, (my favorite word) they'll revive.