Friday, June 4, 2010

Crazy Quilt Pillow for Sherron

Several weeks ago, I took an all-day class from quilt teacher and artist Alice Kolb.  I've gotten to know Alice in her role as co-administrator of the wonderful Quilting Adventures workshops that are held each spring in New Braunfels--workshops which I have now attended for three years.  Alice came to Waco to teach a class in crazy quilting, her specialty, a class sponsored by our local Homespun Quilters' Guild.  In the class I assembled a pillow top, using all green fabrics, chiefly batiks but a few others as well.  I knew at the time that I would turn this piece into a pillowtop for beloved friends Sherron and Charles.  I am leaving tomorrow for Arkansas, where I'll spend parts of two days and one night with them.  Earlier this week I did the decorative stitching on the pillow top; this morning I have put the pillow together and inserted a form.  Here is a close-up of the crazy blocks and the decorative stitching:

I am saving this as a draft and plan to publish it once I get to Sherron and Charles's house.  I want this to be a surprise, so I don't want to give Sherron a sneak peek at it before my arrival!

June, 4:  Now I am at Sherron's house and the pillow has been presented.  Both she and Charles seem to like it a lot.  Here are some pictures of the pillow with its new owners!  At Sherron's suggestion, I added my initials to the bottom right of the pillow.


  1. How did Sherron find a blouse to match the pillow?! Aren't Sherron and Charles a handsome couple?! Beautiful all around.

  2. Alice, I LOVE the crazy quilting...of course the color choices, but your execution of the different stitches. What an inspiration. I think I know how you did it and it would be fun to try. Crazy quilting appeals to me so much. Of course you obviously chose the correct color and I think two good looking people were happy to see you to receive it. Wish I were there.

  3. Alice, we enjoy our crazy-quilted pillow every day. It looks great in its spot on the wine chair and reminds us of you and our wonderful friendship together --- plus how sweet you were to make the pillow just for us!!! Thank you again, sweet Friend.