Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Mini Quilty for Alice

When my great-niece and namesake Alice was born, I made a crib quilt for her--my first ever crib quilt.  Her older sister Katie was so taken with this quilt  that she wanted me me to make one for her.   So soon I made her a "napping quilt."  Pictured here are Katie on her quilt at the left and Alice on hers.  This photo was taken 8 years ago!  Both girls became attached to their "quilties," as they called them.  Even today, the quilts are folded at the ends of their beds.

Fast forward several years.  Katie was going to England with her grandparents, who wanted her to pack lightly, since they were all going to have to manage their own luggage.  Katie asked me if I could make her a very small quilt from some of the same fabrics as her "quilty" since she was concerned she'd not be able to sleep well without her quilty.  This I did, and the little quilt made the trip to England and then joined the other quilt on her bed. 

Fast forward another couple of years.  This summer Alice is attending a sleep-away camp.  She, too, requested a small quilty to take to camp, one using some of the fabrics from her crib quilt.   I had to search to find these scraps,  and those that I found were quite small.  She had always loved the soft, touchable Minky fabric that I had used to back Katie's small quilty.  I found some scraps of this fabric as well.  Alice's little quilt is a bit more complex than is her sister's, because of having to use such small pieces of fabric.  It makes me happy that these little girls are so attached to their quilts that they want reminders of them to take with them when they're away from home! 

PS  These little quilties are more accurately "blankets" than quilts, since they are not quilted and there's no batting between the fronts and backs.  But I won't quibble about terminology; the girls will no doubt refer to them as their "mini quilties!"


  1. So dear that the girls want a traveling blankee! I do love that soft fabric.
    Make me one :*)) I know how they feel.

  2. That Minky is a fantastic product, for sure! Alice told me, "It feels as soft as lambskin to me. I hope you have enough to put it in my quilty, too!"

  3. Katie is taking both her quilty and her mini-quilty to camp this year!! Alice is looking forward to her new mini.

    Thank you so much for these loving gifts. :) Deb

  4. You are so talented,thoughtful and beloved. I am amazed at how you never cease to give. Lovely 'quilt' story!

  5. Aunt Alice,

    We love being mentioned in your blog. However, we have a factual correction to make. Our quilties do not rest at the foot of our bed. We snuggle with them every night!

    We also love our mini quilties. We will take them to Camp Ramah with us this summer (we're leaving for MN Saturday). I will be going for two months and Alice will be going for one.

    We love you so much and think of you each night when we curl up under our beautiful quilts.

    All our Love,

    Katie and Alice

  6. Precious blog and precious children and precious quilts, Alice. How sweet the girls are to love you and their "quilties" as much as they do.