Sunday, October 31, 2010

Art from Nature--Nature as Art

Here Bob is looking inside--a photo which
gives you some perspective on
how large these are!
Yes, still more art in Central Texas!  Saturday Bob and I went to Cameron Park, the 461 acre park in Waco, one of the largest urban parks in the state.  A generous grant was recently awarded to the City to do much renovation work on this park, which was founded in 1910 on land given by the Cameron family.  During a recent arts festival in town, Patrick Doughterty and many volunteers began work on a series of stick scrulptures, a grouping of vessels in the area of the park known as Pecan Bottoms.  These vessel sculptures are truly amazing!  Yesterday was a beautiful day here at the end of October, a month that tends to be our nicest, weather-wise.  I am including pictures of the sculptures and some select few of various veiws from the park.

Stick Sculpture by Patrick Dougherty in
Cameron Park

A close-up view of how the willow branches are woven together
to form the sculptures

A closer look at the top

Lovers Leap--Cameron Park (of course,
there's a legend about two Indian
lovers, forbidden to marry by their
families, who leapt to their death from this cliff.  Wonder
how many locations in the US have such legends
about similar cliffs?)
Looking down the Bosque
toward where our
house is located

The Mouth of the Bosque (in Waco, the Brazos River and the Bosque
come together here.


  1. Well that is fun to view. I have few memories of Waco and what the area looks like, so this was quite a treat. I love sculpture similar to Dougherty's. Have seen quite a bit the last 25 years, first seeing it in England, and then watching some created in NY and observed a piece at DeCordova Museum. It is now tooooo cold up here to enjoy being out of doors unless in a warm car. Thanks for posting and sharing the beautiful experience.

  2. Most unusual sculpture. Thanks for including Bob so we can see the dimensions involved with the sculpture. I agree with Linda that it is fun to see some Cameron Park and Bosque and Brazos River pictures. When I look at these pix, " I am there."

  3. In two years of attending Baylor, I don't think I ever saw the rivers or the park. In those days, I felt like the loneliest girl alive. I couldn't find Bob around the sculpture, and I'm not sure what they are supposed to represent. However, they are very interesting. The pictures of the rivers are magnificent. I had no idea of their beauty! Thanks so much for sharing. I know Mary Sue will enjoy seeing these.

  4. What a fabulous and unique exhibit!