Thursday, October 28, 2010

Art-Filled Morning

I met two friends today to see a special exhibit at Baylor's Mayborn Museum.  The exhibit is called "Sacred Texts, Holy Images" and is an extensive collection of works by Georges Roualt and Marc Chagall.  The Roualts are his Miserere series; the Chagall's, his Bible series.  Words are inadequate to describe either one of these collections.  After about 20 minutes, I realized that to do them justice, I needed to come back and spend much more time than my friends and I had allotted.  In fact, I left the Roualts at that point, having seen perhaps only a fourth of them, and moved to the Chagalls.  Having just been steeped in recent Bat Mitzvah services and activities in our family, I found that these etchings and lithographs resonated powerfully with me.  (Not that the others didn't, but the Roualts were so moving and often disturbing that I felt I needed to be alone to take more time to ponder them.)  The links I've provided are excellent; the one for the Chagalls has a slideshow that includes most, if not all, the ones on display at the Mayborn.  Likewise the link for the Roualts has many of the Miserere series, too.

From the Mayborn we went across the street to the Martin Art Gallery.  Patty had seen a notice of two exhibits there that sounded intriguing.  Well!  What a surprise.  I had not heard of either artist, but all three of us were blown away by them.  One of the artists who had works exhibited was Makoto Fujimura.  His huge, abstract, brilliantly colored works were an anecdote for the black and white etchings and ink paintings in the other museum.  The other artist was Dornith Doherty, who currently lives in Dallas and teachers at North Texas University.  Her works are primarily photographs, but photographs unlike any I've ever seen.  Again, words cannot capture what she produces; only going to her website or Googling images of her works will suffice! 

Of course, photography was not allowed at either museum, so I have no pictures taken by me to display here.  I did, however, scan the brochure from the Martin Museum, which I will add below.  But these small images don't do justice to either artist.  Please click on the links to see much better representations of their works!


  1. Alice, I got so busy following your links for your special art day that I forgot to comment. How wonderful to see those Roualts. I may have seen that fabulous show at Boston College. I love how he worked with news photos. Then Chagall and your other artists must have made quite a day. I must get some apples to celebrate more thoroughly the season. Thanks for the ideas.

  2. Alice, I am inspired to do research from this --- wish I could have gone with you to these exhibits.

  3. These exhibits were beyond good! I'd have loved to had all my Lynnist art-gallery buddies with me. Just think of how my experience would have been enhanced had Linda been there, to share her knowledge and insights!

  4. This is overwhelming. I followed the links, but it will take more time to absorb it all. Yes, it would be fun to go through the museum together.