Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Fabric Postcards

I wrote a post a month or so ago about how to make fabric postcards that didn't need any sewing at all.  I decided today to follow my own directions and do an assembly line production of 4 postcards for my 4 grandkids.  I wish I had timed how long it took me to make these four, but I didn't.  But the task seemed to be done in a jiffy.  I varied my technique a bit, because I had much more fusible fleece than I had Steam-a-Seam sheets.  So I put the fusible fleece on the back of one of the two fabrics on each card, and then I put the Steam a Seam on the back of the other.  (This latter product has the fusible web on both sides.)  Other than that, I followed the steps in my former post.  I still prefer sewn cards.  Of course, I could always go back and top-stitch or blanket-stitch around all edges.  But under the pressure of a deadline and for something quick and easy, these worked out well!
Here are the results:

Here, first, are the fronts--messages written but not yet addressed to the children.  The yellow striped fabric is the same for all four,  but I accidentally stamped the wrong side of one of them--no matter!  (The "beary" pun on Lia's
card refers to the fact that she plans to be Winnie the Pooh for Halloween!)

My favorite one is the purple one, perhaps because I fused a larger motif
onto the rather plain background--a motif cut from the
orange fabric that I used for the two postcards at the right.


  1. Alice, those are such cute cards and you have inspired me to do no-sew ones as well to see what I think. Certainly I love soft, but speed is good also. Actually, my Post-mistress liked the stiff better. Going around the edges with a straight stitch or simple decorative one would take little time but if these hold up, simple is perhaps better. I did not see a fabric that cute when I was looking.

  2. I have all of the materials for the postcards except the stamps (not the postal ones). So far I haven't found any postcard stamps. Where did you find yours? I like your purple postcard, too.

  3. Linda, these are very soft! I didn't put anything inside to make them stiff. One layer of fusible fleece makes these most pliable. Nancy, I found my postcard stamp at Hobby Lobby, but really you don't need one! All you need to do is to write POSTCARD at the top of the card, drop a line down from it to divide the message from the address section, and you are in business!

  4. What fun projects! I too will look for some cute new fabric for my postcards. I like sewing them so will probably stick with that technique.