Saturday, October 16, 2010

Of Animal Caps, An Umbrella, and a Nutcrakcer

I'm sure lots of grandparents follow the habit of bringing small gifts to their grandchildren when they visit them!  I certainly dol  This time I brought the two grandchildren Halloween shirts from Target, adorned with Jack o' Lanterns.  I brought them two extra gifts, too:  a nutcracker for Locke (to add to the collection I started him a few years ago--this one a Cowboy), and an umbrella for Lia.  This latter gift is timely, since it has been misting rain for the last three days.  When we were in Colorado together in August, I bought Michigan grandson Malcolm a knitted cap that was a frog's head;this was a birthday gift, for his 9th birthday, which we celebrated there.  The other three loved his cap so much, that I subsequently bought all of them animal caps.  So here are Lia and Locke in their moose and beaver caps.  Also the umbrella and the nutcracker! 


  1. Why don't I ever think of such clever gifts for my grandchildren? I usually get my ideas from you! The gifts and kids are adorable! Lucky you. It looks like Locke's hat is a bear, but what is Lia's? A deer? If I enlarge the pictures, I'll loose this comment. So will later.

  2. What a good grandmother you are...and how nice all the collections you have started for them. I could use those warm hats tonight as the cool has arrived!

  3. Lia's is a moose cap, and Locke's, a beaver!