Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rogers Gardens and a Soccer Game

One of the hundreds of hanging baskets
An exotic plant, unlike any I've ever seen!
Rogers Gardens is within walking distance of where my daughter and her family live in California.  It is a magical place, the most beautiful gardening center or nursery I've ever seen.  I've visited it for every major holiday--Easter, Christmas, of course, and now Halloween.  Yesterday the two grandchildren, their dad and granddad, and I walked first to a nearby shopping center where we sat outside and ate either fast food Chinese or pizza.  From there we went to Rogers Gardens.  The children were most interested in the over-the-top Halloween exhibit rooms, with every sort of Halloween decor one could imagine.  Every where we went, there were piles of pumpkins of all sizes and varieties, including some that were white and some, almost red or certainly pinkish!  Bob and I walked all through the gardens, marveling at the exotic plants and especially enjoying the most beautiful hanging basket I've ever seen. 

The Christmas decorations are already displayed, too, with several rooms filled to the brim with huge Christmas trees, all thematically decorated.  Locke took me to see the nutcrackers, of course!  I was shocked at some of their prices.  When I said to him, "Well, these make your Target Nutcracker look pretty plain and simple in comparison," he said, "But I'd be afraid to own one that cost THAT much!  I like to PLAY with mine!"  Lia loved the nutcrackers which also had a music box on which they stood; oddly, these were affordable, much less expensive than the "collectable" ones!

Before our Rogers Gardens adventure, we all went to watch Locke play soccer.  Sadly, his team lost for the first time this season, but he played a super game as one of the two main defensive players!

Here are pictures of our Saturday doings:

Lia and Locke at Rogers Gardens
Locke in front of his team sign, at the soccer game
At home, ready for the game!

A nutcracker Alice in Wonderland and the White Rabbit


  1. We have been there before too and I remember how spectacular it was! Great that you got to see a soccer game. I know that meant a lot to Locke. Great pictures!

  2. Oh I love wonderful gardens. There are so many around here, but not in walking distance. I loved being at one Saturday after the quilt show and picking up a freshly made caramelized apple on a stick, freshly made little sugar donuts and apple cider as i oggled the pumpkins, fall flowers. and colored leaves.Love those nutcrackers, but I won't look at the Christmas displays til December! Nice to see the orange and black so fitting for the Tiger!

  3. I am wondering if anonymous is daughter S?

  4. Great pictures. Especially of your grands. How old is Lia? She looks so mature in this picture. Sorry about the lose, but there will always be more games.