Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ugly Dolls and Embroidery Lessons

Locke's stuffed animals and Ugly Dolls, all ready to
go to sleep with him and me!  (The pink-eared one was
the last doll I made for him, last summer when he
visited us!)

Locke with the latest Ugly Doll

Lia's snail embroidery

As soon as I arrived in California, grandson Locke announced that what he wanted to do with Grandmommy was sew, and with Granddaddy, play baseball.  He certainly did a lot of the latter!  When I asked him what he wanted to sew,he said another Ugly Doll.  So I've worked on one off and on ever since.  This afternoon he and I stuffed the doll, and above he is sitting with the doll.  Not so good of Locke, but a good picture of the doll!

I could tell that Lia felt a bit left out, with my spending so much time on this project with Locke, not to mention all the games we played. So I asked her what she wanted to do with me, all my herself, in my remaining time today. She was most interested in the embroidery that I am doing for my great niece, so she asked for an embroidery lesson. I had her draw a picture of something she'd like to embroider, and she drew a really cute snail. Then she copied it onto a piece of yellow felt, in pencil. I showed her just the simplest stitch, the straight stitch, and off she went. I sat beside her to help her with threading needles and knotting threads, but she put in all but perhaps three of the stitches in the little snail above.

Tonight, with their Dad out of town, Lia is going to sleep with her Mom, and Locke, with me!  I hope I can squeeze in with both Locke and the gigantic menagerie of animals and Ugly Dolls now residing in my bed, as you can see from the picture above!

Lia and her embroidery.


  1. Fun-Fun-Fun. That is a BIG Ugly doll. I hope you and Locke could find a space with this doll in your bed. Lia's embroidery is nice. I like the snail.

  2. What inspired crafts! Just love the snail and the continuing ugly dolls.That must have been VERY satisfying. Makes me want to get back to embroidery!
    Good job!

  3. Locke has a cute expression on his face. I especially like the doll you made this summer. Hope Lia develops her stitching skills. She's made a good start. Sleep well!