Thursday, November 18, 2010

Festival Quilts--Especially for Jo, Sharon, and Rosemary!

My friends Jo, Sharon, and Rosemary share my passion for blue and white china.  (We often threaten to "borrow" something blue and white from one another's homes--borrow permanently, that is!)  I've admitted to this passion in my "About Me" at the right, where I explain the "Alice" wall hanging.  A quilt in Houston made me think these friends.  It was in a section I almost skipped--the quilts in "Merit Hand Quilting."  Having long ago abandoned hand quilting, I thought that was one I could pass by.  But then this quilt caught my eye!  Not only is it totally hand quilted, and beautifully and intricately done, but it features blue and white vases and pitchers, all different, each holding a lovely appliqued bouquet.  The containers were obviously designed by the quilter and carefully constructed and appliqued, not an easy task with those delicate handles on many!  The flowers are hand appliqued.  So above is that gorgeous quilt, which as you see won a blue ribbon, and below, some close-up views of it:
This is a close-up of the lovely border design.

Here you can see close-up views of
the variously-designed containers. 
I studied each one to choose my
favorite, and this one won--perhaps
because I so love tulips!


  1. That is a truly special quilt...I am so glad you did not pass it by.How beautiful the arrays of flowers are in each different vase...sort of like people in different bodies...all exciting. Thankx

  2. Alice, this is beautiful. I love seeing the close-ups. I see why it won a blue ribbon.

  3. In spite of the 'Joyce says' ID, this is me, Nancy. I'll have to see what happened to my ID. Maybe my DIL used my Google account for some reason.
    SO: Now I think these are my favorite quilts. I love flowers, vases and pitchers. Are the detailed different petals of the flowers quilted or are they stitched and appliqued?

  4. Like the others, I love this quilt as well as all that went into making it. An inspiration.

    And I, too, love blue and white china. I grew up on Blue Willow. My mother had a lovely collection, my niece uses it now, but I have a cup and saucer. Every day it holds my afternoon cup of tea.

  5. Nancy, the vases and the flowers were all hand appliqued. Each different petal, each separate part of each container, was designed, fabricated, and then appliqued onto this marvelous quilt. Trilla, I am thrilled that you have read one of my posts!

  6. Wow! You'd think this quilter would go blind with all this stitchery. The details of it would drive me over the brink.