Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More Festival Quilts

This pink ribbon winner (honorable mention) had all sorts of charming
farm animals.  See the close-up of the dog below!
A friend expressed that she didn't care for animal portraits rendered in fabric.  I think she said that no cloth portrait could do justice to an animal.  Well, I hope to dissuade her with these animals in quilts that I particularly liked at the recent International Quilt Festival!
I thought the dog was particularly well-done.
I was most impressed with this cat, because NOTHING is quite as hard to render in
fabric as a black animal! 

And now my favorite--a well-deserved blue ribbon winner!


  1. Well, you've convinced me, Alice. Actually, what I was trying to say was that no photograph does justice to a dog or cat...all photos look alike. But the quilted photographs made of fabric bring interest and personality to the animals that seems to be missing in a simple photo. I loved the farm animal quilt. I wouldn't have guessed these were photos. The black cat has a quizzical, sleepy look and the dog I would never have guessed was rendered in fabric. I can't imagine how she did it.

  2. It is very difficult to find farm animal prints that are not novelty fabrics or cartoony. I love the first one best of all, the way the animals were used in the geometry of the quilt. I need to know more about the dog at the bottom that is your first choice. I directed several friends to see these.

  3. I really enjoy, not only seeing the animals themselves, but the way their heads are directed. I think this quilt is delightful to look at; I'll bet it was fun to make.