Friday, December 31, 2010

One Last Look at Christmas 2010

Giving two parties before Christmas, getting ready to spend it in California, doing the last-minute Christmas projects and gift-buying--all of these meant that I never posted about our Christmas decor!  This is our second Christmas in our new house, and I think I duplicated what I did last year.  Pictures are below.  After tomorrow, all will be put up--I am writing this on New Year's Eve.

This tree was new last year.
It's one of those "skinny" trees,
 pre-lighted.  Since it's
up on the bridge on the second
floor I used out-sized balls and kept
the color scheme to silver and white
and on it put all the clear glass,
acylic, and crystal ornaments.

Our dining room.  Every year
I put all the glass and crystal
candlesticks, trees, and
angels along the glass
centerpiece.  When all
the candles are lit and
the room is darkened,
it looks very pretty.
On the hutch in the breakfast area,
at the end of our kitchen, I always
arrange all the various Christmas decor
items that Supper Club folks
have given us.
The Santas are always on the
mantel.  Bob and I bought these years
This is our "main" tree.  It is located on the
first floor, in front of the window,
in Bob's study.  Pre-lighted, artificial,
pretty old now, but still in good condition.

Mother gave Bob the big Santa years
ago.  He is often on the coffee
table, but this year, I put
him on the sofa table for
awhile, and then moved him
to the sugar chest you
can see against the windows.  You
can see another Santa there, too--a
Scottish Santa that I got for Bob once.

A green and a red-dressed Santa, part of the
mantel display.


  1. What a great glimpse of Christmas cheer at your beautiful house, Alice. It is nostalgic always to see these cherished Christmas icons but freeing when we've put them away for another year. Happy New Year.

  2. Oh Alice, I am delighted you posted these beautiful photos. I love your ornaments and gorgeous trees. I was on the phone, enlarging the trees at the same time, and was just entranced to stare. Mesmerized. I was intrigued by the bldgs in the SC display. Are those canisters? If so, I would put them to work so fast! I must go back to look some more. Can we keep them up the full 12 days...thru the 5th?

  3. Twelve days. That's a good excuse, Linda, not to start dismantling until the fifth. I love your displays, Alice. Your Santas are wonderfully varied. Wish we had a closer look at the Scottish Santa.
    I especially like your arrangements with the Spode blue and white china.

  4. Linda, actually those weren't SC gifts, but some darling cardboard containers I found at Tuesday Morning! I love them too, and THEY might stay out. Nancy, of course the Spode and other blue/white china stays up all the time! I'll take a close-up picture of Scottish Santa before I pack him up and email it to you!

  5. After I posted my comments yesterday, I again clicked on the Spode picture and got a good look at the ceramic Santa and Christmas tree pitchers - bottom shelf. They are so unusual! I love them. Tell me more about them.