Thursday, December 16, 2010

An Embroidery Basket for Lia

I bought this lovely old wicker basket at an antique store once for $10.  I've never done anything with it, but I knew that someday I'd find the perfect use for it.  At last, I've found that perfect use.  Granddaughter Lia (10 in January) watched me embroider when we visited them in October.  She was so interested that I gave her a quick lesson.  In fact, I posted a blog about this on October 19th, complete with pictures of Lia and the snail she drew and then embroidered during that visit.

I asked Lia at the time if she'd like me to give her more lessons, when we returned at Christmas.  She was most enthusiastic!  And so I've had fun lately assembling items to go into her embroidery basket.  Here are some pictures:

Here's everything placed
inside the basket.  There's plenty
of room for Lia and me to
add more fabric of her
choice for future projects.

Here are the contents of the basket spread out:  books, floss,
two packaged kits (one with the called-for floss included),
a hoop, a wonderful buy on DMC floss that includes 26
skeins, a bobbin winder, box for the bobbins,
needles of several types, felt squares,
a retracting measuring tape.  She has small scissors already
in the sewing kit I put together for her several years ago.
No thimble!  I use one, but I've yet to be able to
persuade a child to try one!

Here are the books I bought for her.  I think
the one called EMBROIDERY FOR KIDS
is the best, most complete, one.  The
other two, however, both include some
excellent project ideas.


  1. Very nice, Alice. I know she will love it. Alice has mentioned her "sewing lesson" with you several times. I think you are correct about the teachable moments.

    Regarding thimbles--I cannot find one to fit my finger any more. My joint is so crazy and twisted. I'm still looking. It is hard for me to do any sewing without one....


  2. Alice, Lia is so lucky to have a grandmother like you. This makes even me want to start embroidering.
    And oh, yes, I love antique baskets.

  3. Alice, you outdid your always clever self. I love the basket that it can hold books and materials and sewing tools. If Lia doesn't love it, I want it. Now you did find quite a deal with that floss kit. Goodness! She can have that to use the rest of her life. Love it!

  4. Lia will think of this as a treasure box, no doubt --- so many treasures her grandmother has included in this box. Next, show us some of Lia's handiwork that eventually emanates from this special, wonderful box.