Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Supper Club Christmas Party

My husband and I are so fortunate to belong to a supper club that has been meeting on and off since the early 70s!  More "on" than "off", though twice the group dwindled and disbanded.  Since probably the early 80s, though, these friends, some couples from the very beginning, others being added later, have met continuously.  The host always provides the main course, and then others sign up to bring appetizers, before-dinner drinks, salad, vegetable, or dessert.  The couple who last hosted gets a break and brings only bread!  Each couple brings their own wine.

Normally in December we dress up and meet at a nice restaurant.  But this year we decided to try having the meal catered and to hold it at Rosemary's house.  She has a new dining table, around which all of us will fit--now 13 members.  Another tradition is the exchanging of small Christmas gifts, always one of the fun highlights of the evening.  Here are some pictures:

All seated around the table--only our hostess and the photographer Vern are missing!

Seated:  Dave & Faith; Preston & Genie
Standing:  Vern & Martie; Rosemary; Bob & Alice, Ray & Jo;
Steve & Sharon


  1. Having met most of your SC members, I feel a friendship with them - because of you and Bob, Alice. Your group reminds me of our gourmet book club - The Tuesday Night Book Club - but we meet quarterly and don't exchange Christmas gifts, formally that is. I can tell you had a great time at your Christmas party. Great times are always appreciated.

  2. What a wonderful group. Did most of them come from your church or from academia? You look great in your blue. Wish you'd included the picture of the Bairds in front of the Christmas tree.