Sunday, February 13, 2011

Book Buddies February Meeting

I made these stuffed fabric hearts for my book club friends.  We met at our house last week for a discussion (led by Rosemary) of the book OLIVE KITTEREDGE, a book most enjoyed, but admittedly it wasn't a particularly "hearts and flowers", Valentine's-Day-type book!  There was a chapter that touched us all, though, that focused on the deep love of a long-married pair.

  I decided in honor of Valentine's Day to serve a light supper and to give the Book Buddies their fabric hearts then.  The women seemed to enjoy the hearts and the meal!  I prepared tomato aspic, a chicken/wild rice casserole, and Cherry Carnival cake for dessert.  Of course the aspic was red, the casserole had red peppers in it, and the cake, naturally, was made with sour pie cherries.

The fabric hearts each had a pocket at the back, into which I tucked a little sachet.

Here are the Book Buddies at the table with their hearts!
From the right, Rosemary, Jo, Thelma, Ibby, and Genie showing off their
stuffed fabric hearts.

And from the left, Faith, Sharon, Judy, and Mona with their hearts.


  1. All in the red room. I loved seeing all the faces and the beautiful hearts w sachets. I enjoyed studying the plates for the dishes, and of course the Cherry Carnival wouldn't come until later. I so enjoyed that dish. Wish I had been there to collect the sachets and stuffed fine!

  2. Dishes: I have a partial set of an Ansley china called Cottage Garden that I fell in love with before my obsession and passion for blue and white china took over my heart! But I still love this pattern and chose it as my most "girly" china pattern for this gathering. No, the Cherry Carnival was still in the kitchen at this point! I need to get that chicken casserole recipe to Faith, who requested it, and also to my emailing buddies who also asked for it!

  3. Such fun to see these Book Buddies with their special hearts! It's a Valentine look all-around - one to cherish.