Friday, February 4, 2011

Part Two--More Snow Pictures

Alas, I looked at the thermometer and saw that it was 36.  I looked outside, and sure enough, our lovely snow is melting.  BUT the sun is out and we have one of those gorgeous blue Texas skies!

So here are snow pictures several hours later, with the sun shining, shadows, and a blue, blue sky!

The same tree pictured in the previous post,
but the photo taken
 farther back.

Brave little pansies, peeking
through the melting snow!
Not a particularly good bird picture,
but it's the only one who was
out when I was.  Do my bird watching
and feeding friends know what
sort this is?

  Some people consider these nadinas "nuisance" plants,
akin to bamboo.  But the dwarf ones don't seem to be
as unruly as their full-sized cousins,
and only time will tell if they are
as invasive!

Here is Bill and Thelma's house, before the sun
came out--and their beautiful native
live oak tree.  We get the benefit
of both next-door neighbors'
trees.  All of these lovely trees were one
of the things that drew us to this
new development!

 Not to mention the lovely
cluster of live oaks across the
street from our house.


  1. I feel as if there right now. Maybe we should fix the house that burned down and move in. Lovely trees and am glad you are out there taking photos. I need to walk my dog in this snow. Sad my camera card is filled FINALLY...must burn to discs and delete.Thatawaytogo!

  2. I think that bird is a brown thrasher, I'm sure it is puzzled by all that white stuff it sees/feels. I agree that there is something nostalgic and a bit sad when the snow starts to melt.

  3. Linda, that house next door has been beautifully restored! Our builder was in charge, along with a restoration company, and they did a wonderful job. Our "handymen" (who work for Brad and do odd jobs for us on the weekends occasionally)told us that they were pretty sure that Brad had an interested buyer. But, oh, what fun if you and Joe were to move in next door.

  4. I loved the live oaks. I loved the houses in the snow. You may get some more snow by Superbowl time. If Joe and Linda buy the next door house, I suppose Y and I will have to drive down and see you all!