Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow in Central Texas!

I know well that snow in other parts of the country is causing great misery, so it made me feel (just a tad bit) guilty that I felt such a thrill when it began snowing here in Texas last night about 9:30. We just sat and watched it for a long time, with the room lights off and the yard lights on. It was beautiful, falling softly and gently, sometimes tiny flakes slanting down in the wind, other times big fluffy ones. In the night I got up to check to see if it was still snowing, and I was delighted that it was. This morning we got up at 5:30; it had stopped snowing, but I would imagine we’ve had more here than we’ve had in years, though I have no clue about how much.  The temperature is hovering in the low 20s.

So I dressed in my warmest fleece pants, heaviest socks, a light-weight fleece jacket underneath my heaviest parka, and wore my fleece-lined Merrill boots that I bought to have in Michigan when we visit there. The photos below are of our house and yard. Dear friend and neighbor Thelma stuck her head out of their door to say her camera wasn’t cooperating and asked if I’d take pictures of their house, for her to use on this year’s Christmas card. I’m sure mine will appear on ours, too!  I'll put pictures here, though, of our house only.  Thelma will get her photos via email, and I'll post all of these and hers and more on Facebook!

I love the way the spiral junipers look
bedecked with snow!

Side yard, right outside our bedroom

Our Sago Palm (most likely NOT native to Texas!)
was damaged in last year's hardest freeze, but it survived.
I wish we had remembered to cover it this year! 

Just over our backyard fence is this native live oak tree--these trees areone of the glories of Texas.  No one lives yet in thishouse that burned on Nov. 1, 2009, but it is
now totally and beautifully restored, and we
are hoping that we have new neighbors soon!


  1. Beautiful TX snow pictures, Alice! I particularly like looking at snow on the sago palm and the live oak tree. There is definitely a magical feeling when watching it snow, a special thrill.

  2. What a pleasure it is to see photos of that wimpy snow in Waco! I am glad you love snow as I do, watching it fall, outlining nature. Nothing like four seasons.
    And you are way ahead on your Christmas cards for this year while keeping up your blog posting. Fun to see!

  3. Like Sherron, I loved the Sago Palm (hope it survives the winter)and the live oak pictures.
    Snow is a thrill, especially the first snow. I remember a Family Circus cartoon where everyone is out relishing the first snow, shoveling the driveway, kids in snowball fights, etc. Second snow, only the kids are out enjoying the snow. Third snow, the whole family is clustered by the window glumly watching the snow and wishing for spring! That's where we Missourians are now. I'm sure the Bostonians are used to one snowstorm after another. Brrrr.