Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Auction Quilt #3!

I wasn't pleased with my little Minkee blanket that I made yesterday, so today I decided to make a second Minkee, a third auction quilt.  I suppose I'll let the other one be put in the auction, but if it's not bid on, I won't feel too bad! 

This time I decided to use just one big piece of the Minkee rather than wrestling with different types and patterns of Minkee.  This time, I backed it with strips of pink fabrics from the Cotton Candy quilt I made for our friends' baby, due this month, and one of my four entries in this week's Quilt Show.  It's pretty ho-hum, admittedly, but the construction is better and neater.  I love the pink fabrics, so perhaps that ought to be the front, and the Minkee, the back!

Incidentally, I wish I had read the link above before I made the first Minkee blanket!  That site has some excellent tips.

The Minkee side

The back side, with 3 different pink
fabrics from the Cotton Candy quilt.

I turned back the top corner
so that the backing and the front
could be seen at one time.


  1. Another warm touch for someone needing warmth and comfort. I wonder who invented Minkee. I understand it is the preferred choice for baby blankets and some people are even using it outside diapers for a cozy touch.

  2. I'm still not sure what makes a Minkee a Minkee.
    Apparently, it is very soft cozy material. I also like the 'cotton candy' stripes. It will look lovely when a mother lays her babe on the pink and then wraps the blankek around the child so that the pretty stripes show.