Friday, April 8, 2011

Waco Quilt Show--Part Two

My Redwork Romance quilt was entered in a division that was described as "Kit, Block of the Month, etc., all sizes and techniques (pattern or blocks purchased with preselected fabric or top is pre-stamped."  My quilt was originally bought as a kit, with the embroidery design pre-stamped, and it included all the fabrics for the blocks; only the backing had to be bought separately.  Over the years since I purchased it, I have worked sporadically on the embroidery.  Finally this Spring at my Bee gatherings, I finished the embroidery.  Then, I assembled the quilt blocks, sewed them together with the embroidered squares, and friend and super quilter Judy Steward quilted it for me, for compensation.

My quilt didn't place, and after seeing the competition, I felt that was absolutely fair and that the winning quilts well-deserved their ribbons.  My quilt is lovely; I am proud of it.  It will hold an honored place in our house.  I think my embroidery was well-done, and of course, Judy's quilting enhanced the quilt.  The scalloped border was refreshingly different and added to the quilt.  But the blocks were basic and simple four-patch blocks. 

The winning, blue-ribbon quilt was accidentally mis-placed in another division, but it was judged in competition with the quilts where mine hung. Rita once again placed with her block of the month Dear Jane quilt winning a red ribbon. And a quilt that also included embroidery and appliqued little girl dresses, each tiny dress different, won the white ribbon. Here are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place quilts in this catch-all "Kits" division, as well as my contribution to this category:

Here's the blue ribbon winning quilt that
was in the "kit" category.

Again, the top quilt

Close up that shows the incredibly dense
HAND quilting that this quilter did
on her quilt.

Another close-up of her hand quilting and

My Redwork Romance quilt

Rita's Dear Jane quilt, complete with the intricate borders.
This quilt was a "two-sided" quilt, with the
quilting of these tiny blocks forming a lovely
second quilt on the back.

The committee member who was in charge of fashioning
the ribbons did an outstanding job!  This is Rita's 2nd place, red ribbon.

The charming third place winner.  Notice the absolutely
beautiful quilting on this quilt.  Within each of
the four sections of the quilt, a different quilting
stitch is done.

The placards contained the information that we
quilters included on our entry forms.

One of the lovely little dresses which stood out from the quilt with a 3-D effect.
You can see the tiny, intricate embroidery on the dress.  Again, click on the image
to see the outstanding quilting done on this quilt.

The little baby girl faces as corner stones--so charming!  You can see, too,
some of the tiny hand-embroidery strategically placed within the sashings.


  1. Thanks Alice!

  2. I am staggered by all the quilting on the kit winner and the 3-D quilt. Are these quilters still alive? I LOVE your red work quilt. The Dear Jane makes me want to return to those...I appreciate them so much.

  3. The beautiful Dear Jane quilt makes my head spin. The variety of squares! It's almost too busy. How long did it take for Rita to sew this? It would drive me nuts. The quilt with the little girl dresses: Laura's First Quilt? Makes me want to be a little girl again. I still like your Redwork quilt. Colorful and not too busy. Do any of these quilts end up on beds?