Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Waco Quilt Show--Part Three

The fourth quilt that I entered in the show was Cotton Candy, which was featured in this blog several weeks ago.  It was entered in the division called "Small pieced, hand or machine quilted."  This turned out to be a small category, with only 15 quilts entered.

My quilt earned no ribbons, but I was pleased by the positive comments made by the judge who judged it.  She praised my idea of hand-quilting the border and machine quilting the center, and she also liked how straight the quilt hung--saying that was a sign of an even distribution of quilting and of careful construction.

Below are the quilts, though, that my colleagues entered in that division which did earn awards.  And just for fun, I'll put in a few more quilts which won awards, ones which particularly impressed me.  More than these few impressed me, actually, but I don't want to burden my post with TOO many photos!

This Feathered Star quilt won 2nd place.

And this quilt, Giraffes for "Casa-G-Raf"--which name I get only partially.
won the blue ribbon.


  1. Goody, goody, I'm first to post! I like all these quilts. Maybe Casa-G-Raf (House of the Giraffe?)the least, but it is impressive. The cactus flowers are a favorite, but the quilt with the little dresses is so sweet. Is this a
    new fad now? Putting little dresses on quilts?

  2. The blue- ribbon winner of the flowers looks like a painting to me. Like Nancy, I wasn't crazy about the "Giraffe" quilt - probably the colors - but all these quilts deserve recognition.

  3. I am taking a workshop starting Saturday where we'll work on one of these quilts with the little dresses! No, I don't think it's a fad; I think it was just coincidental that two women in our Waco Show entered quilts of this type, and both won ribbons! I don't know why this one here with the red dresses and the redwork wasn't in the "kit" category; it seems to me that it was mis-placed! Wonder how those two would have done, competing against one another in the kit category???? Anyway, I think they are charming, and more than likely, eventually I'll put this little dresses quilt upstairs in the grandchildren's room, in honor of Lia! I doubt I'll be able to part with it!

  4. Hahahaha! The giraffe quilt was my favorite except for the yellow floral. Yours is terrific also. Oh you must not back out of that workshop, for you will have such fun making the little dresses and honoring Lia and yourself!
    Can't wait to see your choices.