Monday, May 23, 2011

A Box Turtle to Cheer Me!

When I was a child, growing up in Austin, we often found and took as pets box turtles and horny toads. It has been years since I've seen either one of these creatures, ubiquitous in those long-ago years, in our yard. Yesterday, after we returned from the sobering sight of our old neighborhood now being demolished, Bob came in to tell me, "We've got a turtle in our driveway!"

I grabbed my camera and ran out.  It was uncanny how much seeing this turtle cheered me up!  I told him that I would be most happy if he'd make his home in our flower bed!

Here are a few more views of him:

And now for a few sad pictures.  All of these piles of rubble were once houses of dear neighbors and friends.  It looks as if a tornado has demolished these homes, but not so--it was most definitely a man-made, monster machine after decisions made by the powers that be.  In less than a day, a two-storey house becomes a pile of trash.


  1. Alice, I love your turtle - hope he's still there. I am glad to see some trees still standing. They are probably traumatized, but at least they are there for now.

  2. Lovely turtle. Yes, the demoliton pictures are depressing. Hopefully, all those box turtles we captured in our childhoods survived our attentions. I wonder if there are fewer box turtles now. And if so, why.

  3. So exciting and heartening to find the turtle. I know I get so excited to see the rabbits in the garden having a good time. Let's think of possible progress rather than demolition. I think my house needs demolition after all the recent craft activity!