Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Look for the Quilting Room!

My quilting room has a new addition!  After getting my new iMac computer, I had planned to put the old PC upstairs for the grandchildren to use when they visit.  But the desk we bought used—really a tall cabinet—proved to be too heavy and tall for two strong young men to carry it upstairs.  So I said, somewhat reluctantly, “Well, let’s put it in my sewing room.”

This move has proved to be a serendipitous one!  Bob and I moved the tiers of Elfa wire drawers—which hold the bulk of my fabric stash—to the wall where once I had open shelves and baskets of on-going projects.  The shelf was returned to the screened-in porch, where admittedly we had both missed having it, and the new computer cabinet for the old computer was moved to the niche where the Elfa drawers once lived.  

I then plugged my ink jet printer into the old computer, as well as my scanner, and all of this equipment can be kept more dust-free, except when I use them, behind the closed doors.  Now I can continue to use the software on the old computer—Photo Shop and Comic Life, to name two—and not have to purchase these for my new Mac.  Too, I like the way the scanner works in conjunction with the PC better than with the iMac, for reasons too boring to relate.  

Pictures below show the new look of my sewing/quilting/craft room!  These images are small, but clicking on them will enlarge them!

Here's the cabinet in place,
with computer, printer behind it,
scanner to the left underneath
the keyboard.  The fabric on top is there
to remind me that eventually I plan
to scan it for a future project!

Here's a view of the cabinet in its
niche, with door closed.

Closer view of closed cabinet.
I was attracted to this piece
because originally I thought
it would look nice in that upstairs
hall, which is visible from the
living room.  Note that I had to leave
one Elfa drawer tier here, for
reasons I explain below.
My basket collection--well used--
fits on top of this cabinet.

The Elfa drawers in their new home. I couldn't
put the 4th tier there because it would
have covered the light
switch, and, too, I like
my little TV in this spot!
Looking at my stash, what
color would you say
is my favorite????

My sewing machine table has a drop leaf behind, that I rarely use,
except when doing machine quilting, as I am now
doing on the Three Boys quilt you can see here, waiting for me to
get back to work on it!

View of the quilting room from the doorway.
See that blank wall above my blonde
storage dresser?  Beside the calendar?
That's where the Three Boys Quilt will
eventually be hung!


  1. That is a very pretty wooden cabinet so I would find a new place for the 4th Elfa drawer:*). I am glad the solution to what you thought was a mistake turned out so fabulously. I think pink? is your favorite color. Well, I am glad you got the room back into control for you have many projects w deadlines. Good luck!

  2. I'm thinking yellow is your favorite color. I am impressed with all your new organization. Would you please come spend a few days with me and help me think about my STUFF and my organization of it? I'm SERIOUS. ( You would probably say for me to organize by making good use of the trash can! )

  3. P.S. Both pink AND blue stand out in your stash, but yellow is the dominant color in your room, n'est ce pas?

  4. With one whole row of your Elfa full with blue fabric it must be the color you buy every time you go in a store:)
    The cabinet is impressive and gorgeous. That it is functional in the quilting world you have, is a true bonus.

  5. Judy got it right, but then she's seen the stash in person. I have 3 drawers of blue, light, medium, dark; one of aqua/teal/turquoise. PINK? I have only one drawer of pinks, but the one drawer of orange and one (stuffed) of red might have all looked pink. Only one drawer of yellow. Yellow is NOT one of my favorite colors, despite the fact that the predominant paint color in my house is yellow! Soft yellow called Jersey Cream. No, shades of blue are my favorite, esp. cobalt and all the turquoises!

  6. Wow! Five comments and the day's not over. I'm #6. Blue's your favorite color, of course.
    I'm too embarrassed with my house for you to come organize it. Congratulations on your wonderful work.