Monday, June 13, 2011

Quilts at Home in Michigan

Susan's wedding quilt

Pillows I made to match the wedding quilt

Malcolm's twin bed quilt--train theme

Basketball Kitties and Wintertime Bears--Malcolm's baby quilt

Malcolm on his bed, crib quilt on the wall--he now prefers the reverse of the train quilt, depicing
race cars!

Dawson's double bed quilt and pillows I made and one he and I made together--the red one.

Dawson's wall baby quilt

The newest quilt I've made for Susan--in her stairwell

This post mysteriously disappeared, when I was doing a bit of editing! I discussed all of my quilts that are in Susan's home, with photos,  I could retrieve the photos and did, but not the text!  An all photo posting!


  1. Testing to see if the anonymous commenting works! by the blog author

  2. How really nice to have a daughter who loves having and displays your quilts in her home. The top one has a lot of zing and must be fun to have hanging. Good that Malcolm's was double sided for the later years. Maybe a book? for quilts with an infant or toddler theme on the front of the quilt and a teen on the reverse. Anyway, I particularly like the crib quilt for Dawson...fabrics and pattern...simple and nice.

  3. I love the newest one that Susan is hanging in the stairwell. It's great that they make such good use of your lovely handiwork. It makes you with them all the time. Nice. s

  4. I like all of your quilts, but agree with you about the one lacking zing. I especially liked the wedding quilt; the Gingham Dog and Calico Cat was a great idea! What a smile Malcolm has! Such a gift.