Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Another Grandchild Turns 10!

Lia and Malcolm in front of the restaurant

Malcolm and his cookie cake

All four of our grandchildren, our daughters, and our son are currently visiting.  Malcolm, the oldest grandson, turns 10 years old tomorrow.  We celebrated a day early, since tomorrow we are having an adults only dinner party for our children and some of their friends.  Malcolm's Uncle Rob unfortunately had to miss the party; he was still visiting friends in Austin.

The grandkids love to go to one of our Japanese steak houses for hibachi, so that's where we went.  After a delicious dinner, we came home for a cookie cake and ice cream.  Here are some pictures from a fun family celebration:

All the grandchildren gathered around the habachi table

Malcolm and Lia (both 10) (with Locke clowning at the left!)

Dawson (7) and Locke (8)

Susan and Kathy

Bob and Alice

Malcolm and Lia join the grandparents

Malcolm enjoying his steak!

Kathy and son Locke

blowing out candles--he got them all out with one blow!

the cookie cake


  1. Great pictures. Handsome children. I can't believe how these/our kids have grown. Lia and Malcolm look mature for eleven-year-olds. You and Bob are especially attractive! Lovely times.

  2. Oh I would like to dive into that cookie cake and I wish my grandchildren had exotic tastes. Well, wait a minute. I know we have all eaten at Fugaku, and Changsho..How did that happen. Looks like a lively time for all. Hope you survive :*))

  3. So much fun to see the pictures of everyone and to read about the celebratory dinner --- hard to believe Malcolm is ten years old! ss