Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hot Texas to Cool Michigan

Daughter Susan and family drove to Texas for a two-week visit.  Scott had to return earlier to go back to work, so I volunteered to accompany Susan and the boys(7 and 10 years old)  on the trip back home.  We had such a super time!  As as we crossed the state line into Arkansas, the weather started improving.  Hot still, in the 90s, but the farther East and North we went, the cooler and greener it got.

We went through Little Rock, husband Bob's home during his growing up years.  We showed the two boys  their Granddaddy's boyhood home and school and ate frozen yogurt in the shopping area where he roamed as a boy.  Then we went on to Memphis, where we spent the night, visiting Graceland the next day.

We had lunch in Nashville, across from the Vanderbilt campus, and saw the lovely replica of the Parthenon in a park nearby.

Our next overnight was in Louisville, where Bob and I lived for three years in our early-marriage days.  We saw the school where I began my teaching career, and then visited the campus of the seminary where Bob studied.  Next we visited the fascinating Louisville Slugger museum, which the baseball playing boys loved! The next day we journeyed on to Portage, MI, where they live.  Temps were in the 70s!

Granddaddy's home in Little Rock

The boys with Granddaddy's elementary school
behind them--right across the street from the house.

The school, still in operation!

Graceland, with the boys in red and white and Susan in green walking in
Elvis's grave at Graceland

The Parethenon replica in Memphis

The grandsons in front of the school where I taught English for 3 years--a junior high then, now a middle school.

Behind these 4 windows on the 2nd floor was my classroom!

I was so happy to see that THIS old school, too, was in good repair and still in use!

The boys in front of what was once our front door!

The first 4 windows, starting at the corner, on the ground floor,
were in our apartment.

the seminary chapel

Louisville Slugger Museum

The boys beside a statue of Babe Ruth, who batted with a Slugger bat!


  1. Hi Alice,
    What a wonderful experience for all of you!

  2. I would love to drive through all the countryside you spoke of ...the greenery. Glad you could take in popular culture and visit old haunts!

  3. Alice, I loved this trip for you. I lived for three years around the corner from Bobby's LR house - across from Forest Park School on the other side of the school. What a super, nostalgic trip you took. The pictures are great reminders of it all. ss

  4. How I enjoyed this trip with you - every picture of it that you took! A lovely trip down Memory Lane, and Graceland, too. What a pleasure it was for your grandsons to see the Louisville Slugger Museum - their photo by Babe Ruth is a classic.