Monday, April 23, 2012

Hand-quilting the Alice Quilt

Last October in my quilt guild participants picked up the quilts that had been added to by another guild member.  Participants had several months before placed UFO's (unfinished objects, as in unfinished quilts) in a Trick or Treat bag; bags were then randomly chosen by other members.  We took another's UFO home with us to complete by the October meeting.

As it turned out, good friend Patty chose my bag, not knowing it was mine.  She did a fabulous jobs of completing the Alice in Wonderland panel to which I has simply added two plain borders.  Patty completed the quilt by adding two pieced borders and then three other plain one to make this quilt quite eye-catching.  I had included fabrics from my stash that I thought might work in the bag with the panel.

I am now hand quilting the center panel with perle cotton thread.  I plan to machine quilt all the borders in some very simple manner.  Then the quilt will be given to a great niece who turns one this summer.  Friend Linda was eager to see just how the hand-quilting was coming along, and so I am posting photos of it, still not finished, chiefly for her!

Here are the photos:
I used gray thread for the cat and tree trunk; green for the shrubbery and the leaves on the tree (more to be added later).
And then Alice is quilted with colors as described below the second photo.  Click to enlarge!

For Alice, yellow for her hair; blue for her dress; white
for her apron and collar,  
This is what the quilt looks like in its entirety.  I discussed this quilt
in a post in October of last year.  


  1. Wow. That will surely be a cherished quilt. Thanks for getting the photos out so I can see what you are doing in the way of hand quilting with Perle cotton. I really like to hand quilt but am so timid to start. Maybe you will inspire me!

  2. I remember this quilt, Alice --- so sweet, and I always enjoy the Cheshire Cat ! ss

  3. The AIW center is beautiful. The borders around the center are so colorful: the chevron (Is that the right descriptive word?)edging,
    the solid strips, and the colorful squares. So pretty. How big is this quilt now?

  4. Beautiful recording of the story. I can imagine it hanging in my 'reading corner.

  5. I really LOVE this, Alice! This is going to be lovely!