Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I made all my children patriotic wall hangings after the tragic, life-changing events of September, 2001.  For daughter Kathy and her husband, since they had met and married in NYC, I made theirs from a fabric I just happened to have bought a few years before, of the New York skyline.  I reversed the fabric panel  on the bottom, so that it looks as if the skyline is a reflection.

Surrounding the panels, I inked the word PEACE in many different languages, altering the font as seemed appropriate.  The dove and the Latin inscriptions "In Terra Pax" seemed appropriate, too.

I worked these little quilts up so quickly that fall before Christmas that I failed to take photographs of the resulting quilts.  Recently I found this one in the guest room closet.  It formerly hung in the study, but after they had the study totally re-done with built-ins along 3 walls, wall space was at a  premium, and so this never got re-hung. 

Now, with beloved daughter Kathy gone from our lives, I am wondering if her husband would let me have this back?  If it's been relegated to a closet for a long time, why not?  I don't know if I have the courage to ask him, however.

Here are closer views. I quilted lightly, chiefly just around the major shapes in the panels and then did some "in the ditch" quilting.    I hand-blanket stitched around the dove.  Some close-ups:


  1. How fine to see a blog posting from the road! I am always asking to buy my paintings back so I understand how you would want that quilt back for many reasons. However, just because something is in a closet or not on display does not mean it is not in one's heart. Some of the most precious things are not put out for display.

  2. Linda has a good thought, here. I would probably mention to R. that I saw the quilt, wonder if he still wants it or if I could take it home with me. It is, after all, a great representation of a HISTORIC event and you did a beautiful job of switching violence to peace with a one-of-a-kind print.It definitely deserves to be preserved as a family memento.ss

  3. Did you do the stitchings of 'Peace" etc., around the border
    of the quilt, or is that a fabric?
    I love the way NYC is reflected in the layout. I'm thinking one of the kids might want to take that quilt when he or she goes off to college.